State Board for 3rd Standard to 9th Standard - Maths

Senior Secondary Certificate commonly known as SSC, is the board followed by the schools affiliated to SSC board in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Goa. State boards are comparatively limited in content and subjects as compared to other boards. The syllabus has been specially tailored to suit both rural and urban populations. All SSC board schools in a state follow the same books. The curriculum followed in state board is normally less rigourous that the ICSE and CBSE boards.

Normally it is observed that students have a fear towards the subject of Mathematics. They are unable to understand the basic concepts of mathematics, proofs, theorems and their techniques and struggle with them. The problems that occur in the process of understanding mathematics are relatively higher as compared to other subjects. Hence, for most students mathematics become a tough subject and consequently they try to avoid it.

Following are the problems faced by the students in understanding mathematics:

Despite the above issues, we at Letspractise believe in the following :

Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics. Simeon Poisson

There is only one way to learn Maths - Practice, practice and more practice.

LetsPractise overcomes these difficulties faced by your kid with proper guidance and resources. SSC Maths for 3rd standard to 9th standard is a wonderful learning course for students and covers all the topics required for the student to succeed. This includes learning objectives for each chapter and also has an appropriate marks and grading system.

How does this work?

First we follow up with parents and understand the requirements for their kids. LetsPractise structures test papers and worksheets that test the entire Grammar concept as per ICSE guidelines. The detailed solution sheets with explanations reinforces concepts and allows students to grasp ideas at their own pace. This helps the students to practice well and gain knowledge. LetsPractise trains students to be good writers, and helps them practise giving exams with a particular timeline and grading system in mind. This enables the student to face exams with confidence.

SSC Board 3rd to 9th standard Maths topics

The following 3-point approach is adopted :

Repetition of the above process, ensures correct understanding and grasping of the concept. Learn More

Let's summarize the 3 important benefits of LetsPractise SSC 3rd standard to 9th standard Maths Learning:

We not only focus on SSC / State board, but also the CBSE & ICSE boards. We have a detailed and comprehensive question bank of four lakh questions and sample papers.

We have a wide range of plans, specially designed to suit each child's unique needs.

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